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"Valuable, clearly written book."
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Daniel Shapiro, Ph.D., is associate director of the world-renowned Harvard Negotiation Project, the group that wrote the international bestseller Getting to Yes , and is coauthor of the new bestseller, Beyond Reason: Using Emotions as You Negotiate .  His talks consistently receive the highest praise, from Microsoft, Starbucks, and the World Economic Forum, to parliamentarians and governmental organizations.  And his course at Harvard Law School is consistently among the most highly rated.

Dr. Shapiro's talk has been hailed as "nothing short of mesmerizing."  He offers a completely new approach on how to deal with conflict and negotiation, and his talk brings these ideas to life.  Whether speaking to a group of 10 or 1000, he interacts with participants, involves them in brief demonstrations, and keeps everyone curious and surprised.   His interactive presentation allows participants to quickly see how they can use this approach to improve their lives at work and home.

Dr. Shapiro is on the faculty at Harvard Law School and in the psychiatry department at Harvard Medical School/McLean Hospital.  His breakthrough research highlights five "core concerns" that lie at the heart of any conflict.  In his talk, Dr. Shapiro offers straightforward, powerful advice on how to use these core concerns to turn even your toughest conflict into an opportunity for mutual gains.  He draws on his vast consulting experiences, offering entertaining stories about how these ideas have been used successfully by organizations of all sizes, world leaders resolving international conflict, disputing couples, and hostage negotiators.  On a more personal note, he talks about how he uses these skills to deal with conflict with his wife. 

Dr. Shapiro has appeared on dozens of radio and television shows and has contributed to The New York Times, O: The Oprah Magazine, and other popular and scholarly publications.  He has been on the faculty at the Sloan School of Management, Massachusetts Institute of Technology.  He is recipient of numerous awards, including the American Psychological Association's "Early Career Award" and the Cloke-Millen "Peacemaker of the Year" award.  His international experience includes training Serbian Members of Parliament, Mideast negotiators, Macedonian politicians, and senior U.S. officials. He also is an advisor to the International Criminal Court. During the Bosnian War, he conducted conflict management trainings in Croatia and Serbia . Through funding from the Soros Foundation, he developed a conflict management program that now reaches one million people across 30 countries.


"I was simply blown away by Dan Shapiro. In two words: 'Rock Star.' Dan is the perfect meld of intelligence and charisma. You know a speaker is great when you leave the room feeling that the experience made you better somehow."

-- Emmy Jordan, VP for Member Relations and Business Development, Seattle Chamber of Commerce


"One of our most popular talks this season! It was interactive, entertaining and most importantly every attendee left with some new communication skills that could be used in all parts of their lives."

-- Kim Ricketts, Microsoft Visiting Speaker Series


"We've never had an outside speaker present instructional material & knock it out of the park the way Dr. Shapiro did."

-- Chris Voss, FBI Supervisory Special Agent